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Left to Right: Keith, Ellie, Molly, Wife Marybeth, Levi. Click on photo
Keith Polus Industrial Technology 2016-17
Welcome To My Web Page.

I would like to welcome all of my students to our 2016-2017 school year. I would also like to introduce myself to the parents of my students. My first name is Keith and my wife and I live in Winona. I have an extensive background in building and remodeling as well as in education.I have earned my Masters Degree in educational learning and leadership.I have a BA Degree in Public speaking, a BA Degree in Philosophy, a BS Degree in Communication and Theater Arts and have taught at the high school level for nine years. I have worked with inner city kids in Chicago as a youth pastor and have ten years of working with the Chaplin at Red Wing reformatory as a program coordinator at Red Wing Reformatory.    I was the shop foreman for the Theater and Dance Department at St. Mary's University. I have taught Judo and Jujitsu since 1985 and have a martial arts club which you can find at  My wife Marybeth and I have three wonderful kids! Our daughter Molly is an Art Teacher at a high school in northern Minnesota. I spent two years of my life building their home on a lake in that beautiful part of the State. Our daughter Ellie is an English teacher here in Southeastern Minnesota. Our son Levi follows in the foot steps of Marybeth and is an RN with the Mayo system. 
If you would like to contact me feel free to do so at: or (507)545-2651.
I look forward to working here at the High School in Dover-Eyota and having a great year.