"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are"~ Mason Cooley


In these uncertain times, it is hard to know what to say. All of the teachers are working so hard to make sure the students have learning opportunities that are realistic, fun, engaging and available both online and without technology. One of my favorite educators to follow is Pernille Ripp who ended her latest blog with the following "Will it be perfect? Absolutely not. Will it be okay? I hope so. After all, that is the best I can do right now. To be here, to keep trying to connect, to reach out and be there for all the kids."  One of my biggest concerns is how to keep the connection! Please send me an email if you have questions, need support or your child wants to connect and we will work something out! Take this unusual opportunity to read with your kids and enjoy! I challenge families to encourage their children to read and write everyday! I am going to do the same! 
Happy Reading!   heartMrs. Magnuson


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