High School Grading and Classroom Policies 

Mr. Polus on Right, on Left, Judo Student Gene.
Grades can be found on the school's JMC grade book and assigned work can be found on the class Google Calendar. Your son/daughter can show you how to access both on-line at any time.  

If you would like to contact me my e-mail address is or call (507) 5452631 and leave me a message.

If you read further you can see my High School grading an classroom policies. These are explained to all high school students on their first day in class.


First of all... Thank you for taking one of my elective classes. You and I are partners in your success. Please never hesitate to discuss with me any concerns you may have. I WANT YOU TO ENJOY YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL TOO!

Remember to check your Google calendar daily. I plan out the week's lesson's plans before the week starts. However, during the course of the week, adjustments often have to be made. Snow days, late starts, student discussions, lyceums, etc can all play a roll in having to make changes during the week. SO STAY CURRENT WITH YOUR CLASS GOOGLE CALENDAR!

Also check your JMC grade often. I suggest at least three times per week. If you believe something is incorrect, see me right away, not when it is too late to do something about it.

I encourage all of my students to talk to me about any concerns. I can usually be found by the front door, doing hall duty, or in my room before school starts. I am also available on most brunch times and right after school to talk to you.
Grading and Classroom Policies
Total Points Grades
All Of Mr. Polus' High School Technology and Design Classes are considered to be “Total Points Classes”. What this means is if you, the student, want to raise your grade because of a low assignment or test grade or missed lab points, you can propose to Mr. Polus additional related course work for additional points. This is not considered to be “extra credit” work, but, work to improve knowledge in assigned work or to make up missed lab time.
To do this you must:
1.Talk with Mr. Polus within three class days of:
a. Low class assignment or test grade points or test grade points.
b. Missed lab points due to an excused absence.*
2.An agreed upon outside of class assignment or work and due date will be negotiated. Grade points given will be dependent upon the quality of work not just handing something in on the due date. In general 10 points equals about 60 minutes of high quality work.
3.Allowances may be made for school related trips and extenuating circumstances.

Lab Engagement Points (LEG)
*When you the student are performing work in general lab or classroom activities you will be earning lab engagement points. STUDENTS: CHECK YOUR GRADES ON A REGULAR BASIS OR YOU MAY LOSE THE CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR DAILY LEG GRADE ADJUSTED. THIS IS YOUR “PAYCHECK” SO TAKE CARE OF IT DURING THE PROPER”PAYPERIOD”. Parents: Have your students show you how to access their grade book from home (they know how to do it!)
  • 9-10 points per day (considered to be like an A- to an A+ for that day).
  • 7-8 points per day (considered to be in the C to B range for that day).
  • If you are receiving less than 7 points or feel are wondering why you received the score you did you must talk to Mr. Polus within three class periods. Mr. Polus will explain to you your grade. After three days the score will not be changed because too much time has passed.
To receive high LEG points Mr. Polus recommends:
1.Be to class on time and prepared to work when the bell rings. Check the board for daily “Set-Up or Bell Work”.
2.Lectures: Takes notes and ask questions.
3.Test: Always feel free to meet with me in advance to ask questions regarding upcoming test. This not mean right before class on the day of the test. Students: Please understand- do not wait until it is too late to ask questions!
4.Classroom work: Stay actively engaged in assigned task and do not be off task or not working.
5.Exhibit professional, friendly and cooperative behaviors.
6.Perform “Industry Style Work Habits” as explained by Mr. Polus
Classroom Environment
I want you to always feel safe and welcomed in my classroom. If you have any concerns about the class, my teaching, other student’s treatment of you in or out of class, please feel free to talk to me confidentially before school, between classes, at brunch time or after school. I honestly want your learning experience to be a positive one in my elective classes. Again....THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY COURSE!

Because showing up to work and being on time to work is so important in the work force, The Industrial Technology Department’s absent and tardy Policy is set to show the student how important it is to learn how to be here and on time each and every day.
If the student has more than more than three excused absences in a quarter, Mr. Polus will likely have a conversation with the parent, principal and/or school counselor to discuss a rising number of missed classes. The first three excused absences will receive 3 of 10 points. You the student must determine if you want to earn more points by making up lab time or performing additional related work..
You the student must bring an excused absence slip from the office the day they return to class. If you do not, your grade will remain unexcused until you the student remedy the absence.
Unexcused abscesses will remain a zero unless there are extenuating circumstances. To overturn an unexcused zero grades a discussion with the Principal the student and Mr. Polus may need to take place.
If you have an excused absence and you had an assignment due that day, you may turn in any assignment the next day you return to class for full credit.
If you missed an assignment due to an excused absence you must talk with Mr. Polus the day you return from your absence.
It is your responsibility as a student to keep track of your assignments and grades. Make sure you check the classes Google Calendar and your JMC grade book.
Excessive Unexcused Absentness or Unexcused Tardiness:
After three unexcused absences, daily LEG scores will result in -20 points per unexcused absent. After the student has been unexcused tardy three times, the student will receive -5 points daily LEG scores per unexcused tardy.
Late Work
Any work turned in late due will receive a maximum of 50% credit unless there are extenuating circumstances that are discussed with Dr. Olson within three class days of assignment due date.
If the student claims there is extenuating circumstances for the late work,  to receive more than this 50% amount of credit, an additional discussion between Mr. Polus, your parents, the Principal or Counselors may need to take place.
Cell Phones
If the student brings their cell phone to class, the cell phone must be turned off and placed in the assigned sleeve number. If the student has their cell phone on them, in their class locker or is using it without Mr. Polus' permission it will be collected and turned into the office as required by school policy.
Shop Fees
Most Industrial Technology courses have projects being built in the classroom. These projects have material fee cost associated with them. No student will be denied the learning experience of making a project because of the parent’s ability to pay. However, the parent must have a conversation with Mr. Polus prior to the student selecting a project or projects. A smaller or possibly less expense alternative project may be selected at a reduced or no cost.
Shop Safety
Students will be required to pass all required safety test and always conduct themselves in a safe manner. Unsafe behavior may result in the student being removed from class while machines or equipment is running. If this is the case, parents and the principal will be contacted.