Read! Read! Read!
That's the message you'll be hearing in 4th grade.  We encourage our 4th graders to read 20 minutes at home daily. That makes for 140 minutes per week. Students will keep a reading log taped in their planner.  Parents can initial the reading monthy.

The Accelerated Reading Program will be in full force! What's so good about this program is that the reading level is posted right inside of the front cover of the library book. The students know what their personal level is. Therefore, they are checking out books that they are able to read! In the Media Center, any accelerated reader book has a spine label on it. Then, after a student has read the book, there is a computerized test that checks for comprehension.

Math! Math! Math!
We use the Math Expressions curriculum.  Students have 2 pages of math homework each night.  We will learn a lot of geometry, multi-digit multiplication, long division, and work with fractions!

The multiplication facts will be reviewed and mastery is expected.

On Mondays, a new spelling list will be given out. During the week, we will practice writing the words and looking for spelling patterns. The test will be on Fridays unless it's a shortened week and a different day is planned.

Social Studies!
We are going to take a journey across the United States. We'll be studying the 7 regions while learning about agriculture, manufacturing, recreation, and the culture of the people. We will also learn the capital and 2 letter postal abbreviation of each state.

Science & Health!
This year we will learn about the systems of the body, magnets and electricity, engineering, geology, nutrition, and weather.  We will do a lot of fun hands on labs!!

We'll be working on parts of speech, sentence writing, paragraph writing, and using correct grammar.