- We are currently using Reading Street by Scott Foresman as our main text; this includes language and spelling as well and provides not only interesting literature but also language and writing skill-building.  A weekly reader response selection test is one component of the series.   In addition to the textbook reading, we will be reading various trade books in both large and small group settings. Independent Reading gives students the opportunity to choose books on their own reading level; students then choose from a gamut of online resources to show their comprehension of their books.  Students are expected to read thirty minutes each night in addition to the time set aside during the school day.  Please encourage your student to read on a daily basis. 

Language Arts – The students complete a weekly packet emphasizing a specific language/grammar skill.   They then put those learned skills to good use as they practice narrative, descriptive, persuasive and informational writing.


Spelling - Each Monday the students will complete a pretest on a list of 20 words; after studying the list during the week using the spelling workbook and additional tools, they take a final test on Friday. Later in the year, this list will increase to 25 required spelling words


- We will be using a math series this year called Making Connections, Foundations for Algebra. This series emphasizes working together in groups on math problems.  Students will learn to think in five different ways.  They will compare quantities, visualize ideas, describe and explain their thinking, look for multiple ways of doing problems and seeing ideas, and make sense of ideas and concepts. Whole numbers, algebra, statistics, geometry, decimals, fractions, ratio and proportion are our main focus. Our math is totally on-line; there is no physical textbook so it is important for students to bring their computers to school daily.


Science – Our science emphasis has changed to earth science; the class will be taught by Mr. Mathison.


Social Studies - Our focus is on Minnesota history, geography, and government for the entire year.  A large component of our study is the Minnesota trip presentation.  A field trip to the state capitol culminates our study.  

Internet use - We use technology on a daily basis; computers MUST be brought to school every day!