They are in October and February. Students will discuss their learning, show quality work, and discuss ways to improve. All conferences will be held in the gym during times found on the district calendar.  Please attend at a time that works for your family.

Assignment Notebooks

This year your child will use an assignment notebook. Your child will be responsible for entering each daily assignment in the notebook. We have found the assignment notebooks help students stay organized and also provide a medium for parents and teachers to communicate.  I do not check assignment notebooks for parent signatures.  DE students will be given a notebook at the start of the school year, and students need to be accountable for their homework.

Take Home Papers

Students will bring home finished work daily. Please set aside time to look over their work, offer comments, and give praise. Your child will enjoy hearing your enthusiastic remarks as you discuss assignments together.  Writing assignments will take a bit longer to get returned to the student. I enjoy making comments on their papers and take the time to enjoy every paper.


We believe homework is important. It is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school. Parents are key to making homework a positive experience for their child. Therefore, we are asking parents to make homework a top priority, provide needed supplies, help set up a daily homework time, and provide praise and support. We are asking parents to check over finished assignments and sign their child’s assignment notebook each night. We would like students to do the work on their own and only ask for help after they have given it their best effort. Please contact me if you have questions or problems. LATE WORK will not be accepted for full credit.  There will be a 25% reduction in a grade for 1 day late, 50% reduction in a grade for 2 days late, and the third day or later will result in no credit given.  A student will have no longer than 2 school days for each day of absence to complete makeup work.


I will have grades entered in the gradebook on a daily basis.  Typically, when an assignment is collected I will grade it that evening and have it in the gradebook the next day.  Tests are almost always graded within two days of taking the exam.  Writing assignments can take a bit longer. 
 I like to analyze their content more and give constructive feedback.  These could take up to five school days to receive back. Please look over your child's graded work also and discuss any errors together.  


Sometimes students run behind schedule for many reasons.  If your child is tardy (he or she needs to get an admit slip from the office) a time or two, he or she will be given a verbal reminder, and I will also ask the morning recess supervisor to remind the student to hurry along in the monrings.  If your child has freqent tardies, I will make a phone call home to make you aware of the situation. The student will also be recorded as Tardy Unexcused in the office.  If the student continues to be tardy, we may need a meeting with myself and an administrator to see how we can resolve the situation. 

Internet Usage

Students and parents will sign a form about appropriate usage of the Internet and school computers.  If I find a student not following the usage rules, they will be given a verbal warning. If there is a repeat offense, the student's computer usage will be removed for a certain number of days.  If I find administration needs to become involved in the situation, the student and myself will be included in the discussion and further consequence.  Depending on the severity, parents may be asked to come in for a usage discussion.