If your child needs to take a prescribed medication during school hours, the school must have a physician signed permission form with written orders from the child's physician and parent. (Physicians Order for Medication and Parent Authorization Form) With your permission to release medical information, your doctor's office can fax this form to us. The fax number at the high school is 545-2218 and the fax number for the elementary is 545-2841.  The medication must be in the prescription bottle with a current label.  You can ask the pharmacist to divide the prescription, one bottle for home and one labeled for school. 

Please remember that inhalers and epi-pens are prescription medicines, and a physician signed permission form must be on file for your child to be able to use these at school. We will accept (and prefer) asthma and anaphylaxis plans from the doctor in place of our forms. Since these are emergency medicines, it is permissible for your child to carry them at school, but be sure to sign the permission section for this at the bottom of the asthma/ anaphylaxis plan. We strongly urge you to provide one additional inhaler or epi-pen to be kept in the health office, in addition to the self carried ones,as we are unable to get into your child's locker or backpack in a timely manner.There may even be a need to keep additional emergency meds at SACC, since the health office is locked after school. If your child does not demonstrate how to use the inhaler or epi pen and dose correctly, the privilege of self carry may be revoked.

Over the counter medications need to be in a bottle that is labeled with the medication and dosage and name of student.  The bottle should be the same bottle as purchased from the store.  A permission form from the parent with medication and dosage needs to accompany the over the counter medication.(Parent Authorization of Administration for Over the Counter Medication)
Students in grades 9-12 are permitted to self carry non-prescription pain relief medication if they and their parents sign an authorization and student agreement regarding the use of the medication at school. This authorization only includes three over the counter pain medications: 1) Acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) 2) Ibuprofen (such as Motrin) and 3) Naproxen Sodium ( such as Alieve) The dosages are not to exceed product label recommendations and must be kept in the original containers. New authorization/agreement forms will need to be submitted and signed each year. They can be found in the High School health office. 

All prescription AND over the counter medications will be picked up by parents or disposed of at the end of the school year. New doctor and parent permission forms will be required at the beginning of each school year.