Learning is a lifelong process of discovery, transmission and the use of knowledge to make sense of the world and develop as a person. All students are capable of learning and using their knowledge to live a happy and productive life. Each student enriches his environment and provides his fellow learners with unique experiences and useful lessons for life.


Is a place for:

  • Self-discovery
  • Preparation for the future
  • The opportunity for guided practice with a safety net
  • Exploration and development of one’s skills
  • Meeting students’ basic needs while providing an absence of threat


  • is a hands-on immersion into new ideas
  • causes  each student to be a  purposeful thinker, communicator, self-directed learner, responsible citizen and productive group member
  • consists of the storage, organization, acquisition, retrieval, expression and manipulation of information.

Special Education Learner Outcome:

As the special education teacher,  I am to provide individual educational planning and instruction essential to a student’s learning based on his current needs and strengths as documented through the evaluation process.  

My job is to:

  • Provide specialized instruction based on a student’s need as documented in the evaluation report and IEP

  • Provide education of the whole student by providing one-on-one support based on needs documented through the evaluation report

  • Provide transition planning for each child based on his/her interests and needs, including plans related to post-secondary education, employment, independent living and connection with outside agencies


Students will:

  • Spend time developing and acquiring skills listed as needs in the evaluation and as IEP goals

  • Receive curricular support in areas that are documented as a need

  • Create a transition plan appropriate to their interests, strengths and needs

  • Learn and work towards being an independent student