Kindergarten Hints and Information
Mrs. Paula Braun, Mrs. Julie Bushman,
Mrs. Suzette Rowen and Ms. Megan Tuohy
Dover-Eyota Elementary School
1.Absences: If your child will be missing school due to an illness or otherwise, please call the school office before 8:00 a.m. You can also leave messages 24 hours a day. If your child does not seem to feel well in the morning it is best to keep him/her home. Germs spread very quickly in our environment. If your child feels better, you are welcome to bring him/her at a later time in the day. If a child has a temperature over 100 degrees, or have vomited, he/she needs to stay home for 24 hours.
2.Arrival: Children meet their classmates on the playground before school begins. It is best to help your child develop independence by having him/her walk with their class from the playground to their rooms without a parent accompanying them. When entering the school, always use the main entrance. The Early Childhood Entrance is for preschool and SACC students only.
3.Birthdays: We like to celebrate every child’s birthday during the school year. Each teacher finds a day to celebrate summer birthdays. Many children enjoy sharing a treat with their classmates. Please don’t send a cake or cupcakes for a birthday treat.  If you plan to have a party at home for your child please avoid picking the children up at school for the party. Also, we do not allow children to pass out party invitations at school. By remembering these two things it avoids a lot of hurt feelings. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
4.Breakfast is served from 7:40 to 8:00. Breakfast is FREE for Kindergartners.  You need to communicate with your child if he/she is going to eat breakfast at school.
5.Conferences: Please sign up for a time during Open House or on the first day of school. Fall conferences will be in October. Evening conferences fill up fast! We will also have conferences in March.
6.Dismissal: Please try to keep it simple. Children who go home more than 1 way tend to get confused and will need some additional help on your part. We need to know if your child walks, gets picked up, goes to SACC/Kids Korner/daycare, or the NAME of the bus your child will ride. Written notification is required for any change in dismissal. If your child goes home more than one place provide us with a calendar and/or attach a tag to your child’s backpack listing their dismissal for the week. Ex: cow bus – M, W, F, walk – T, Th. Occasionally we have substitute teachers and dismissal information must be clear so that there’s not a chance for error. Do not call the office or teacher with dismissal changes during the day unless it is an emergency.
  • We have had many tears over dismissal situations where the child tells us that he/she will be picked up at the end of the day and no one shows up. We must always go according to normal dismissal information unless we have a note about the change upon arrival.
  • Children who ride a different bus for any reason will need a note from a parent to the bus driver AND the teacher. Include the name and address of the destination on the note.
  • If you pick your child up at dismissal you will stay in your vehicle in the small parking lot and join the drive through pick up loop. All children wait with one of our paraprofessionals until they are picked up.
7.Dress for the Weather: It is critical that each child be dressed appropriately for the weather. Kindergarten children play outdoors every day of the school year unless it’s raining or extremely cold weather. The children also play outdoors when their bus arrives in the morning before school begins. In the early fall and late spring children may choose to wear shorts and bring pants in their school bag. We can give them the opportunity to change clothes if necessary. It is also wise to have your child dress in layers at school. If he/she comes to school with a sweater or sweatshirt and can’t remove it because of no layer underneath, he/she may be too warm.
8.Dress Code: We do not allow the children to wear: caps in the building, shirts with “spaghetti” straps, halter tops/halter dresses or “muscle” shirts. We also want you to be aware that often it becomes distracting in the group if a child wears clothing which can reveal “too much”. Examples are low-rise pants and short skirts. Please have your child sit cross-legged for you at home to determine if this will be a problem. Many of the group settings during the day require the children to sit in this fashion.
**Distractions can be caused by jewelry, watches, belts, facial tattoos, face or hair paint or unusual hairstyles or haircuts (mohawks/headbands with large attachments or anything that makes noise). Please keep the distractions to a minimum.
Shoes: Children must wear tennis shoes to school every day of the school year. No sandals, clogs, Crocs, hiking boots, fashion shoes or boots, etc.,  – they are not safe on the playground or in the gym. This is a school policy. Children feel most successful if they can put on and take off their own shoes. If your child is not able to tie shoe laces yet please do not have him/her wear tie shoes. Please purchase tie shoes only if your child can tie them effectively. Remember this as you purchase shoes during the entire school year.
9.Drills: Periodically we have school wide drills for fire, lock-down and tornado. We prepare the children ahead of time and move them to the safe locations chosen by our school district.
10. e-mail: All Dover-Eyota School personnel have e-mail addresses. Each teacher will give you the correct address or you will find it through the Dover-Eyota School website: Because the kindergarten day is so very busy we do not always find time to check our mail during the course of the school day. If you do not receive a response from the teacher in a timely manner you should assume we haven’t seen the message. Substitute teachers do not see our e-mails.
11. Envelopes or Ziploc Bags Please: Anytime you send money to school (cash or check) please send it in an envelope or bag. Label it with your child’s name and the teacher’s name. You do not need to send notes in envelopes, but make sure they are half a sheet or larger. We do not see notes that are too small and hidden in the folder pocket.
12. Field Trips: During the Kindergarten year we take field trips. We love to have parent volunteers for the trips. Our kindergarten budget pays for the transportation and we may ask for a few dollars admission for each trip.  Our first field trip will be to Northwoods Orchard in Oronoco on September 23.  Details will come soon.
13. Following Rules: Our entire building uses the Responsive Classroom and Judicious Discipline programs to help in maintaining a safe environment for our students. These programs involve working with the children to understand their rights and responsibilities. If a child has some behavior issues we will use our best judgment on whether to send you a note or call you if it is a serious problem or happens repeatedly. Our Discipline Plan will be sent home with your child in the next week or so, which asks for your review and signature. Students who have discipline issues at school may be required to fill out a fix-it plan or receive a pink slip. Please refer to the Student Handbook. Students who have serious trouble on the bus may receive a bus report. We have a Behavior Interventionist who can help us as needed.
14. Holiday Parties: The children enjoy 3 parties during the school year. Parents help plan small parties for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. To help with the cost, all students are asked to pay $10.00 (parties and school supplies) at the beginning of the school year. Sign up today if you are interested in helping at a party. We ask that you make arrangements for younger siblings if you help during party times as we feel this is a special time just for the Kindergartners in our class. Be sure to let us know if you do not wish for your child to participate in the holiday parties.
15. Homework: Each classroom has homework requirements. We expect all families to do their best to make sure the work is done on a regular basis and turned in by the specified deadlines. We hope you will make the work engaging and fun. It is necessary that the work be done in order to continue the learning that takes place during the school day. We are looking for your child to do it to the best of his/her ability a few minutes each afternoon or evening rather than all at once. A large part of this is daily reading to and by your child (monthly reading list). Homework is one of our report card requirements. Children may earn rewards for completing homework on time and are sad when they miss out on a reward.
16. Label items: Please put your child’s name (inside) all jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes, boots, shoes, sweatshirts, snowpants, etc. We always seem to have a few duplicate items. Please come visit our Lost and Found in the main hallway if you are missing items.
17. Lunch Payments and Options: You will deposit money into your child’s account. Children say their lunch numbers as they go through the lunch line. We discourage sending juice with cold lunches. Do not send pop or candy in cold lunches at school. Please deposit lunch milk money into your child’s account rather than send it daily. Anytime you want to know your child’s lunch account balance call or email Food and Nutrition department. You’re welcome to join your child for lunch. Our lunch time will be approximately 10:40 to 11:10.
18. Library Books: We will visit the library each week. Every child can take home one book. Please encourage your child to remember his/her book each time since they cannot check out a second book until the first one is returned. Books are considered overdue after 2 weeks, but there is not a fine involved, unless the book is lost.
19. Medication: Prescription medication, including inhalers require a doctor’s signature in order to be given at school. Most clinics have a standard form, which they can fill out and send with you if your child needs medication at school. If for some reason your child will need over the counter medicine you will need to send the medication in its original container with written directions on how much to give and at what time. We send all medications to the office for our nurse to administer.
20. Messy Work: We will be using paint, markers, play dough, etc. on a regular basis. Please consider this when you help your child choose clothing to wear to school. The children tend to get very dirty and dusty on the playground too.
21. Milk Break: Children have milk break every afternoon. The children have a choice of white or chocolate milk. Kindergarten milk is funded by the state of Minnesota - it is not a cost to you. We ask the children to take turns providing a small snack for the class. We will always schedule one turn on or near your child’s birthday. We will send a new snack calendar periodically. All snacks sent to school need to be purchased and not homemade. The snack calendar you receive will give you suggestions. Please try to avoid candy unless it’s for a birthday treat. Please do not send gum, suckers or hard candy. Remember, no cakes or cupcakes. Little Debbie pre-packaged cakes are fine.
22. Phone Calls: Please call us at school if you ever have a concern or a question.
Good times to reach us at school:  7:40 – 7:55, 11:00 – 11:30, 1:10 – 1:40 or 3:10 - 3:30. If you cannot call at a time we’re available please leave a message. We usually ask the office not to transfer the phone calls to our classrooms when we are with students unless it is an emergency.
Phone Numbers:       Elementary Office: 545-2632 or 888-273-0189
23. Reading at home: Research tells us that reading to your child is one of the biggest predictors of school success. In kindergarten your child’s main “homework” will be to read with you and return the monthly reading log. Each teacher will describe her method for collecting reading “homework”. We expect that you will read with your child daily. Our reading series has many wonderful small books for the children. During each unit we will send home some returnable readers which are copies of the small unit books. Please make sure your child returns these to us after they have been read at home, as we have invested a lot of time and paper into making these books. Be sure record these readers on your monthly reading log.
24. Report Cards/Progress Reports: Kindergarten students will receive a progress report 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. Our 1st quarter reporting of skills will be shared during the October conferences in place of a report card.
25. Rest Time: Please send a small beach towel or bath towel. We will send it home occasionally for laundering. Return the towel the following school day. We will have a short (20-minute) rest time each day. The lights will be out and we will play soft music. We will ask the children to rest and relax, but we will not ask them to sleep. If a child falls asleep we will allow him/her to sleep for a period of time that seems appropriate.
26. School Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. Students should not enter the building early. Children are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:10.  They will need to get a tardy slip from the office and bring it to their teacher. Children who are picked up early need to be signed out and picked up in the office. Students who have not been picked up by 3:15 will be taken to SACC and charged a minimum of $5.
27. School Social Worker: Our school social worker, Dan Lecheler, is available to speak to you or your child. His phone extension is 130.
28. Sharing (Show and Tell): We will have sharing each full week. Watch for a note about it in the next couple weeks. Sharing topics often relate to the curriculum. Sharing items must fit inside your child’s backpack. Toy guns or any weapons are not allowed in our school.
29.Take Home Folders: It will be your child’s responsibility to bring their take home folder back and forth between home and school each day. Please look in the folder each day after school and help to empty it out. Put all notes, half sheet or larger, and envelopes to us in this folder. We empty them each day. All written notes should be dated.
30.Title I/AIMSWEB/STAR: All students are assessed at the start of the year to determine who will benefit from extra help from paraprofessionals, math or reading specialists. The federal government provides funds to schools which allows for extra help for students that qualify. You will hear about the assessment results at the October conferences. This information is also used to develop groups for our Target Time.
Interventionists: Our district has three interventionists that work with us in the following areas. You may be asked to sign a permission form for your child to work with these teachers. Reading: Mrs. Jill Magnuson, Math: Mr. Tom Flaig, and Behavior: Mrs. Tracie Bestor.
31.Toys: Please encourage children to keep their toys at home unless it is a “Free Choice” sharing day. Teachers do not allow the children to play with the toys that they bring from home. Toy guns or any weapons are not allowed in our school.
32. Volunteers: We all benefit from volunteers. Set up a time to come in so we can notify the office. You will need to check in at the office, sign in and get a name tag.
33. Wednesday mornings: School begins 1 hour later. If you choose, you may bring your child to SACC. There will not be a fee for childcare from 7:30 – 8:30 on Wednesday mornings. Students will be dismissed from SACC at 8:30 on these mornings and will either go to the cafeteria for school breakfast or go to the supervised playground.
We’re looking forward to a great year!
Letter/sound order for Scott Foresman Kindergarten:
U V Z Y Qu    

Kindergarten Sight Words
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