Understanding Offer Versus Serve
Federal guidelines determine what constitutes a reimbursable breakfast and lunch. Dover-Eyota schools follows the Offer Versus Serve Provision.

What is Offer versus Serve?
Offer versus Serve gives you the opportunity to choose only those foods which you intend to eat in the School Breakfast/Lunch Program. This feature of the National School Breakfast/Lunch Program is designed to reduce food waste and give you the opportunity to select only the foods you enjoy.

Lunch consists of: main entrée (could count as the protein and grain item and be considered two food components), two vegetables and/or fruit, bread or grain item, and milk. To be considered a reimbursable lunch a student must take a minimum of three of the five food components. If a student takes less than three components he/she will be charged the ala carte price of each item. An extra dessert item is generally not counted toward the food components.

Breakfast consists of: main entrée (protein and/or grain entrée item which is generally considered two food components), fruit or juice, and milk. To be considered a reimbursable breakfast a student must take three of the four food components.

Located at the High School, the Market Place Food Court has three areas students have to choose from. The INTERNATIONAL FLAIR, THE EAGLE EXPRESS AND THE GRILL AND SUB STATION. Signs are located at each area to guide students through Offer vs Serve.

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