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Here's your chance to practice at home. Download these pages, print them off, and practice, practice, practice!



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Division Facts Sheet
48 division facts (5 minute times test)
Multiplication Facts Sheet
45 multiplication facts (5 minute timed test)
Geography Maps
practice maps for end of year geography test
Cursive Example
Palmer Method example for kids to reference
Unit 1 Spelling List
Winn-Dixie, Lewis and Clark, Grandfather's Journey, Horned Toad Prince, Letters from Yosemite
Unit 2 Spelling List
What Jo Did, Coyote School New, Grace and the Time Machine, Marven, So You Want to Be President
Unit 3 Spelling List
Stranger, Adelina's Whales, How Night Came, Eye of the Storm, Great Kapok Tree
Unit 4 Spelling List
Houdini, Encantado, King in the Kitchen, Seeker of Knowledge, Encyclopedia Brown
Unit 5 Spelling List
Sailing Home, Lost City, Amelia and Eleanor, Antarctic Journal, Moonwalk
Unit 6 Spelling List
My Brother Martin, Jim Thorpe's Bright Path, Tia Lola, To Fly, Far Side of the Moon
Fishbowl Math
This is home practice for our Math Vocabulary terms for the year.