Below are some activities and events that happen in the course of our curriculum throughout the school year:

In-Line Skating - From October through April we have scheduled in-line skating days. Students can use our skates, helmets, and wrist guards, or bring their own (as long as wheels are rubber, helmets fit safely, and wrist guards are deemed safe by staff). The 1st day on the calendar is always Clark/Rislow, Loney/Eisenman and starting in January for Kindergarten day one will be Bushman/Braun. The second day on the calendar will always be Kobs/Rice, Brinkman/Wolf and Rowen/Tuohy (again K starts in January). Parents/Grandparents in grades K-2 are NEEDED for help on skate days, parents in grades 3-5 are encouraged to come if they want to skate with their child (we promise not to film you crashing!), but we hope/expect students to gear up independently.

D-E Play 60 - At Dover-Eyota Elementary School, we encourage kids to eat healthy and be active for 60 minutes every day! Parents, our hope is that YOU will model active lifestyles as well!

4th grade Biking Unit - In the fall of 4th grade, students will learn the basics of traffic safety, tips on maintaining a bike, how to put on a helmet properly, and of course, we get to practice riding around Eyota and beyond - 4th grade parents, info will be sent to you.

5th grade Team Building Unit - For 1-2 lessons each month, 5th graders will practice team building in their color groups (teams of 6-8). Students must problem solve as a group to accomplish physical tasks.