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Page 1
Referendum can take D-E athletics fields into the future
Page 2
Come & Tour D-E Elementary School
Job Openings
Absentee Ballots
Bond Referendum Dates
School Contact Numbers
Page 3
Superintendent's Corner - Critical Aims and Goals of the Upcoming Referendum
Activities Director's Corner - Why Turf, Why a Track?
Page 4
A track team without a track
Page 5
Color Run--Choosing fitness for fun
Page 6
Elementary May Menu
Page 7
High School May Menu
Page 8
Food for Kidz--6th year!
February Handwriting Contest Winners
DEHS BOGO Bookfair
CE Classes Offered Through Outside Agencies
Bookmobile Schedule
DE Boys' & Girls' Alumni Basketball Tournament
Page 9
"High School Musical"
Elementary Open Computer Lab Change
Top Five Reasons to Teach a CE Class
Activities Calendar
May Day Crafts and Muffins with Mom
Try Something New Day
Page 10
Things To Do At The Park
Page 11
City of Eyota Segment
Eyota Community Gardens
Page 12
Community Education