Mr. Polus on Right, on Left his Judo student Gene.

Syllabus to 7th Grade Industrial Technology

Length of Course and What you will be learning
For half a quarter, approximately twenty-two class periods you will learning how to work with woodworking machines and how to build projects that you can take home!
Since the course is only 22 days in length we will be very busy and most grades will be updated on JMC weekly. However, do no fear- you should assume you are doing very well unless I tell you or your parents differently.
Approximate Daily schedule of lessons.
Day One:  Introduction to Industrial Technology and Design.
One week of Shop Safety: Shop, and Machine Safety.
Than Project Directions.
Days Eight to Twenty-Two: Building Projects
Your grade will consist of the following Components:
 1. Safety Study Guides. 100 points.
 2. Safety Tests. 100 points.
 3. Student Projects
      a. Desk Pen Set. 100 points.
      b. Step Stool or Bread Board. 100 points.
Shop Fees
The material cost for your child to build a pen set, a memo message board and a key holder $14.50. Please send this fee with your child to class. Checks are preferred but cash is fine too. Make checks payable to Dover-Eyota Schools. If a bit more time is needed for payment, or if the material fee may create a financial difficulty, please give me a call or send me an e-mail. No child will be denied to make the project because of financial difficulties.
A foundation of actual hands-on and learning by application have prepared you to move to more advanced 21st Century courses held here at Dover-Eyota High School. I would be glad to discuss the variety of learning opportunities with you and your parents the Industrial Technology and Design department has for you to consider when you begin to register for high school classes.
If you or your parents need to talk to me outside of class time, I can be reached at or by calling (507) 545-2631 ext 216.
Thank You
Mr. Keith Polus
Dover-Eyota Industrial Technology and Design Department