Dover-Eyota Video Network (D-EVN)

D-EVN is looking forward to another fun year of event coverage for Dover-Eyota in 2022-2023! As many now know, in the summer of 2021, Dover-Eyota Schools took advantage of an offer from the NFHS Network (which has been the primary partner for D-EVN broadcasts since D-EVN D-EVN Logostarted in the winter season of the 2015-2016 school year) for two free automated Pixellot Cameras: One for the Varsity Gym in the HSMS, and another for the Soccer/Football Field. Those automated systems were a great success last year!

For D-EVN purposes, the automated Pixellot Cameras gave us the ability to broadcast (livestream) virtuually every activity in those two locations without needing volunteers to run a camera, or to update scores. All we needed to make a broadcast truly complete was to have announcers! And we have some really good ones that provided their skills last year, as well as in past years!

So, volunteer announcers, particularly for Varsity athletic events, will once again be needed this year! See the "Watch the games, matches and events in 2022-2023" area to view the upcoming event schedule this year. For more information on how you can help out, see the "Help D-EVN!" area, or go to the Game Schedule and Sign-Up for Volunteers area to sign-up for one or more events in the Fall Sports season in 2022-2023!

D-EVN is modeled somewhat after Chatfield's CCTV ("Chatfield Community Television") and Hutchinson, MN's HCVN ("Hutchinson Community Video Network"). Dover-Eyota's Technology Director, Bryan Berg, is originally from Hutchinson and was in the same Technology role at Chatfield Schools back in 1998 and helped build CCTV from the ground up at that time. He learned from HCVN's model to to start small and grow slowly. In Chatfield, the support from the City, the School and the Community was tremendous, and after a slow growth period of about five years, CCTV was able to hire a person to oversee its schedule and its volunteers. With continued support from both student and community member volunteers, CCTV has now produced home high school varsity games, meets and matches, along with public meetings, school and community concerts as well as the yearly HS Graduations and Chatfield's Western Days Parade every year since 2001. D-EVN hopes to follow in those footsteps and provide those same services to the School District, as well as the cities of Dover, Eyota, Viola and the surrounding area! Again, D-EVN needs you! You can record video for community events to be shown online as a "video on-demand" option, or help out with the scheduled sporting event recordings/streaming broadcasts. Have some fun and volunteer with us! Click on "Help D-EVN" to find out how you can help!