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Page 1
Arts Camp is time for creativity to shine
Page 2
School Board Meeting Minutes
Whitewater Country Coalition Continues
School Starts September 6th
Job Openings
DE Public Schools Summer Schedule & Contact Numbers
Page 3
Activities Director's Corner - How to make the 2016-17 Sports Season Successful
Physicals: Options for students in fall sports
Notice of Filing Dates for Election to the School Board
Page 4
Eyota Days - Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Page 5
KOR takes guts and endurance to run the race
Page 6
Eyota Days -- a fun time for competitions!
Page 7
2016 School Supply Lists
Page 8
Women's Softball at Eyota Days
Upcoming Events
Job Opening
Things to do at the Park
Page 9
Prairie Fire Children's Theatre - Beauty and the Beast
Fitness Center Schedule
Bookmobile Schedule
Senior dining at Arbor Gardens
Page 10
Church Directory
Pastors' Column
Page 11
City of Eyota Segment
Page 12
Community Education
July volleyball camp photos