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Page 1
New teachers get a week to learn about Dover-Eyota
New biking or walking to school options
School starts September 6
Page 2
School Board Meeting Minutes
Public Hearing
Jop Openings
School hours and contact numbers
Page 3
New D-E Schools Employee Interviews
Silent Auction
Driveway logos
Curriculum Director's Corner - Off to a Great Start!
Page 4
Rose's front yard garden in Eyota is beautiful
Page 5
Upcoming Events
Fitness Center Schedule
Bookmobile Schedule
Sports Passes
Employee Excellent Awards at Arbor Gardens
Senior Dining at Arbor Gardens
Page 6
Church Directory
Pastors' Column
Page 8
Community Education
Page 7
City of Eyota Segment
Curb-to-Curb Bus Service
Eyota Farmers Market