Care is provided to previously registered and approved SACC families only. We do not take drop-ins during weather or other emergencies. 

Inclement Weather/Other Emergencies Closings 

Late Starts Due to Weather/Other Emergencies: 

  • One-Hour Late Start: (9 am school start); SACC opens at 8 am.  

  • Two-Hour Late Start: (10 am school start); SACC opens at 8 am.

  • Two-Hour Late Start on a Wednesday (10 am school start):  SACC opens at 8 am

Early Releases Due to Weather/Other Emergencies:  

  • SACC will close 2 hours after elementary school students are dismissed.  Example: If school dismisses students at 1 pm, SACC will close at 3 pm. 

School is Closed for the Day:  

  • If school closes, SACC is closed for the day.  

It is important for parents/guardians to pre-plan other arrangements if school has closings, late starts, or early releases.