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PAYROLL:  Renee Stanchfield - Extension 402  reneestanchfield@deschools.org
Gary Betcher - Extension 403 

 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Neva Duffy - Extension 401   nevaduffy@deschools.org


Smart eR - Access your payroll information online and Purchase Order Requests!

More information on Smart eR - How do I get started and how does it work?

Payroll Dates for 2020-2021 - Deadlines for timecards and claim forms.

W-4 Form 2018 - use this to change the taxes deducted from your payroll check.

Direct Deposit Form -  Change which accounts your paycheck is deposited in.

District Combined Claim and Claim Verification Online Form (also used for Hourly Employees)

Select Account - Daycare Expense Reimbursement Claim Form - Form that can be used to submit dependent care claims.  For fastest processing, complete this form online.

Select Account -
Medical Expense Reimbursement Claim Form - Form that can be used to submit expenses to a medical spending account.  For fastest processing, complete this form online.

VEBA and HSA Health Insurance Rates 2015-2016 Teachers

VEBA and HSA Health Insurance Rates 2015-2016 Teamsters



Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota get information of participating clinics/pharmacies, claim info, etc.

Blue Cross Blue Shield 24 hour Nurse Advice Line

MII Life - Detailed information about your accounts (FSA , HSA & VEBA)

Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota

Select Account (FSA/HSA/VEBA) - Sign in, Products & Resources

Teachers Retirement Association of MN Home Page

Teaching License Information


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