P.A.T.T. is a great way to become involved in your child’s school!!
What we do
Þ Staff Welcome Back Breakfast
Þ Student Directory Flyer
Þ Fundraiser & Merchandise Sales
Þ Staff Conference Dinners
Þ Walk to School day
Þ Carnival
Þ Inflatables during PE
Þ Book Fairs
Þ Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Why we do it
Þ Field trips and classroom parties
Þ Media Center books
Þ SMART Boards
Þ Playground equipment
Þ Tablets for classrooms
Þ Digital outside signage
Þ Pre-school testing materials & snacks
Þ Rollerblades for PE
Þ Lyceums

P.A.T.T. Mission Statement: Conduct programs, meetings, and events that will promote and support children and their families in education. PATT is a 501 (c) (3) organization

Contact: Misty Solem for more information