Introducing Mrs. Paula Braun

This is my 33rd year teaching at Dover-Eyota Elementary; my first year in 6th grade and the rest in 1st grade and kindergarten. I earned my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at Winona State University and have continued my education in Early Childhood/Kindergarten, Reading/Language Arts and Math and Science.
Mrs. Suzette Rowen and I are team teaching in kindergarten with Mrs. Rowen teaching Reading/Language Arts and Mrs. Braun teaching Math. Both of us incorporate Science, Health and Social Studies in our centers.
I live in St. Charles where I was born and raised, marrying my high school sweetheart. Dover-Eyota was our town's ultimate rival. Now I am an Eagles' fan, since all of my sons are out of high school. 
I believe in Dover-Eyota Schools and its staff so much that I have open enrolled all 4 of my boys to Dover-Eyota Elementary. S,o I can advocate for education at Dover-Eyota as a teacher, but also as a parent.
Dover-Eyota teachers strive to keep updated in all areas of education, including curriculum, brain research, technology and social/emotional learning. They are also very welcoming to all children and make our school a warm, safe and enjoyable place to grow, live and learn.

I truly enjoy every moment of working with children. I look forward to helping children see the potential within themselves, and the joy of looking forward to each new day and its new experiences. I work to help children believe in themselves and to show them that they have power in controlling the choices they make to be happy and to learn as much as they choose. I try to make learning easier and more enjoyable for all of them. My goal is that each child goes home each day happy and fulfilled in his or her learning and growth in all areas of learning: academic, social, and emotional.

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