Student and Parent Expectations:

Third grade students are expected to arrive on time each day prepared to learn and do their best. We expect students to complete homework each evening and return to school with quality work and the child's best effort. Assignment notebooks will be used to help students become responsible with completing homework. Parents are asked to discuss the notebook with their child each evening. When your child has completed an assignment, please check "done" in the appropriate box. Also write your signature or initials in ink on the lines near the bottom of that day's list. I will check the assignment book each morning and reward students who have their homework completed and a part or adult signature to verify that homework was completed. In third grade, students will be asked to read at home each evening, practice quick recall of the basic math facts, practice spelling words, complete math homework pages Monday through Thursday evenings and complete any other homework listed in the assignment notebook. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Together we will make this a positive and rewarding school year for your child.