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Dover-Eyota Music Association Bylaws

Article I

hereinafter referred to as DEMA.

Article II

DEMA is formed for the purpose of furthering the cause of students in band and choir at DEHS. It shall be the intent of the organization to aid the high school music program by promoting school and community interests in all band and choir activities. DEMA will raise funds for equipment, activities, programs, and events not provided for in school district budgets.

Article III

Membership in DEMA shall be open to any and all persons who specifically want to support the Dover-Eyota High School music program.

Membership shall be accomplished by investing time or funds to support the activities sponsored by DEMA.

Article IV

The officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.

The duties of the President are:

To preside at all meetings and to perform such other duties as may be necessary; to sign all formal correspondence relating to DEMA; to cosign as required for all expenditure of DEMA funds; to facilitate the communication between officers.

The duties of the Vice-President are:

To attend all DEMA meetings; to act as an assistant to the President, and to preside in his/her absence; to cosign as required for expenditure of DEMA funds. The Vice-President will be the successor to the President at the end of the current President's term.

The duties of the Secretary are:

To record all subjects and discussions at the general DEMA meetings and retain a file of the same in the form of minutes; to attend to correspondence as required; serving as Parliamentarian for the DEMA meetings; to co-sign as required for expenditure of DEMA funds.

The duties of the Treasurer are:

To receive any monies raised by DEMA, to account for income and expenditures of DEMA, to submit a summary statement of account at DEMA meetings and to assist the president in preparing a yearly budget for DEMA. To co-sign as required for expenditure of DEMA funds.

The duties of the Past President are:

To attend Board meetings and help maintain consistency in leadership when new officers are installed.

Article V

The Board for DEMA shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President

Officers shall be elected or appointed by the general membership of DEMA at the last DEMA meeting of the school year. The officers shall serve a term of one year, said term to begin at the first meeting of the following school year.

The Vice-President shall automatically succeed to the position of President in the event that the position is vacated during the school year.

If any other position is vacated during the school year, a new officer shall be elected by majority vote at a regular DEMA meeting.

Article VI

Meeting of DEMA shall be held on a regular basis as determined by the Board at the first meeting of the school year. The President as deemed necessary may call special meetings with at least 24 hours prior notice given to all Board members.

A majority of the Board of DEMA must be present at a meeting before any official action involving the approval or expenditure of funds may be taken.

The quorum of the Board shall be a simple majority.

The Board shall meet at least once a quarter. Any member of DEMA can attend a Board meeting.

Any issue put to vote of the general membership will be decided by a majority vote of those in attendance.

Article VII

The Board shall hold judicial power in determining the expenditure of the funds.

The Board will allow for three separate funds. One fund will be for monies designated for band, one for monies designated for choir and the general fund available for either the band or choir at the discretion of the Board. All funds with no designation will go to the general fund.

Two committees will be formed to oversee designated activities. One committee will oversee band activities and the other will oversea choir activities. These committees will be comprised of three appointed members, the respected high school director and the President of the Board. These committees will have the responsibility to organize themselves with the purpose of raising designated expenditures for approval by the Board.

All checks must be signed by any two of the eligible co-signers.

Article VIII

Any officer or member of DEMA may be expelled or suspended from membership for conduct detrimental to the name or welfare of DEMA. Written charges shall be filed with the Board and signed by a member or members. The accused person shall have the opportunity to be heard in person. Suspension must be approved by 2/3 vote of the members.

Any officer of DEMA may be suspended or expelled from his office for any of the following reasons: neglect of duties pertaining to his or her office or for conduct detrimental to the name or welfare of DEMA. The office will be filled by a special election of the membership.

Article IX

Should DEMA be terminated or abolished for any reason whether by voluntary or involuntary action or by operation of law then all assets of DEMA of whatever type or character shall be distributed as follows and in the order of priority indicated.

First: Payment of all obligation, claims or liabilities against DEMA.
Second: Any assets remaining after payment of obligation, as set out above shall be distibuted to the school district for the promotion of the music program at DEHS.

Article X