Busing Information

If your child is riding the bus to school you will need to get them to the nearest bus stop. If you are unsure where this is or your child has a rural address that the bus does not currently stop at, you will need to contact the Dover-Eyota Bus Garage at 507-545-2633 or the D-E Elementary School at 507-545-2632.

Please be sure an adult is home and waiting for the bus at least 15 minutes prior to the given time for pick up or drop off. All times are approximate and will become more set once the route is more established and the students are used to the procedures.

Please remind your student the first day of school to get off the bus and go into the school not to the playground. There will be staff members to assist children. Please be sure your child has a green LRP tag attached to their bag (these will be handed out at open house). These are very important for identification purposes.

Reminder: Transportation is only available to students in the LRP class. Students in the Look-at-Me I'm 3 class will need to provide their own transportation.

Parents will be given approximate bus times at conferences.