Dover-Eyota Pre-K Parent Handbook

Please read this before sending your child the first day of school.

Absences- You will need to contact the elementary school. The phone numbers is
Elementary School: 507-545-2632

This is necessary to let both the person meeting the bus and the classroom teachers know of a student’s absence. All absences need to be reported by 7:55.

Snacks:  Each student will need to bring in snacks for the entire class. Notes will be sent home when we are running low on snacks and the number needed. Please send in a healthy easy to serve snack at that time. All families will need to send in snacks to keep it fair. If you would like to send in a special snack for your child’s birthday please let the teacher know ahead of time so this can be planned for in advance. If the snack you send requires spoons/forks or other special equipment you will also need to send this with your child.

Footwear:  All students will need to have tennis shoes everyday. Please do not send your child in flip-flops or crocs. These are not appropriate footwear for a classroom. Remember to send tennis shoes in the winter as boots are difficult to wear the entire day and students must have footwear on at all times. Please be certain that your child can easily put on this/her own shoes. Teachers will help with tying if necessary.

Payments:  Please send all payments into the elementary school on time. The address is Dover Eyota Elementary/Preschool payment 27 Knowledge Road. Eyota MN 55934. Do not send payments to school with your child as they are easily misplaced

Illness:  If your child is ill including fever over 100, vomiting, diarrhea or any contagious condition they will need to be kept home for the day. This helps prevent the spread of illness to other children. If your child becomes ill while at school you will be contacted to pick them up. Please be sure the school and teachers have current emergency information for your child and update us regularly with any changes.

Holiday Parties:  We will be having parties through out the year. If you are willing to provide snacks or other items for the party please let the teachers know. We appreciate all donations. Parents/family members are welcome to attend all parties, please bring a snack for any siblings as they are not included in the count and we do not want them to feel left out.

Conferences:  There will be fall and winter conferences for all students in the LRP class. A sign up sheet will be sent home for you to complete. Please return the sign-up sheet quickly. This is a great opportunity to meet and discuss you child’s progress as well as get to know one another.

Birthday Parties:  If you are having a birthday party for you child outside of school please do not send invitations to school. This can lead to hurt feelings for those not invited.

Label Clothing:  Please label all clothing sent to school with your child. This is especially important in the winter when there are several matching items. Please label all snow pants, mittens, boots, tennis shoes, backpacks, jackets and any other item your child may remove while in school.

Extra Clothes:  Please keep an extra set of clothing (labeled) in your child’s backpack. Please change this as the season changes and as your child grows. This is in case your child accidentally gets wet or dirty while at school. Please send your child to school in clothes that can get dirty as we do a lot of painting and other messy projects.

Winter Information:  We will be going outside (weather permitting) in the winter. All children need boots, snow pants, mittens,hats and other warm items necessary for outside play. You will need to send these with your child on a daily basis

School Closing:  IIf Dover–Eyota schools close, we do not have school that day. If Dover-Eyota schools are 2 hours late there will not be morning classes but the afternoon classes will meet as regularly scheduled.

Volunteering:  We welcome all volunteers. Please let the teacher know if you would like to volunteer in the classroom, or would like to help with cutting or other classroom work. We do ask that parents wait until October to begin volunteering, so that students can become accustomed to the routine before new helpers are introduced.

Bussing:  If you have bussing questions please contact the bus garage at 545-2633. The teachers are unable to answer bussing question, thank you for your understanding.

Contact Teachers:  Feel free to contact the teacher with questions or concerns. Please go to the lead teachers in the classroom. We want to work with you to provide the best experience possible for your child. Please call the numbers listed at the top or you can contact us by e-mail and we will respond as quickly as possible