Welcome to the Early Childhood Development Center!

For the staff pages and information regarding the Early Childhood Center's ECFE Footsteps Program, Look at Me I'm 3, LRP, and Transition Classes, please use the links provided at the left! Online registration for the 2023-2024 programs is scheduled to open March 7th at 8AM. Please contact Chelsie Dinges at the Elementary School Office (507-545-2632 or toll free at 888-273-0189) for information on the availability of openings in our programs. Again: Registration for the 2023-2024 school will open online on Tuesday, March 7th at 8AM!

Dover-Eyota Early Childhood Development Center
(Part of the Dover-Eyota Elementary Building)
27 Knowledge Road SW
Eyota MN   55934

For general information, contact the Dover-Eyota Elementary School at 507-545-2632
or toll free 888-273-0189.

Contact Information for the Early Childhood Staff:
Mrs. Einsman: 507-585-8120
Mrs. McNallan: 507-585-8161
Mrs. Hoehne:  507-545-3000
Mrs. Schlueter: 507-585-8163
Mrs. Bebout: 507-585-8167