Third Grade Essential Math Skills

By the end of third grade, with at least 80% accuracy,
all students will…

-Add and subtract multi-digit numbers. Multiply.
-Read, write and show whole numbers up to 100,000.
-Understand place value: ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten
thousands and hundred thousands.
-Make change up to $1.00.
-Read and write fractions with words and symbols.
-Solve number sentences using multiplication and division.
-Identify parallel and perpendicular lines.
-Find the perimeter of a polygon by adding the lengths of the
-Describe shapes such as right triangles, rectangles,
parallelograms and trapezoids.
-Tell time to the nearest minute using digital and analog clocks.
-Determine elapsed time: how long something takes.
-Use bar graphs, picture graphs, number line plots, and frequency