5th Grade Reading Essential Outcomes

By the end of 5th grade I will…

•Compare - (How Things are the Same in Text)

•Contrast - (How Things are Different in Text)

•Identify the Main Idea using supporting details - (What’s the Big Idea?)

•Locate Supporting Details in a text – (Evidence of Main Idea)

•Determine the Cause – (Why Something Happened)

•Determine the Effect – (Result of Something that Happened)

•Discover the Author’s Purpose - (Reason the Author Wrote the Text)
 Persuade
 Inform
 Express Ideas
 Entertain

•Analyze the Sequence of a story – (Order of Events)

•Identify 1st Person Point of View - ( I, my, we, us)

•Identify 3rd Person Point of View - (he, she, they)

•Analyze Characters in text - (Physical and Personal Traits)

•Use facts from text and person experience to Draw Conclusions
o (Make an Opinion about the Text)

•Identify the Plot – (Overall Structure of a Story)
o Exposition/Introduction
o Rising Action
o Climax/Turning Point
o Falling Action
o Resolution/Conclusion

•Understand Figurative Language
o Simile - (Comparing using “like” or “as”)
o Metaphor - (comparison is made between two unlike
things that actually have something in common)