PE will look much different in 2020! Here is the plan:

Safety Measures: Masks will be worn indoors, social distancing outdoors. Washable equipment (i.e. smooth surface) will be cleaned at the end of each classes use. Non washable equipment will be used less, but when used will be limited to one class, then allowed to sit for 72 hours before another group uses it. Students will hand sanitize prior to PE and after PE. Rule will be: Anything touched by the hands will be cleaned.

Smaller PE Classes: PE will no longer be team taught. Our model has been to have two classes combine for PE with two teachers. This allows for large group instruction and games and allows small groups to be used for students who need extra help. For 2020-21, each PE teacher will seperately teach each class.

No Gym :Due to limited space and expanded lunchroom, we will also not be using the gym this year. PE will be outside if possible, or done within each homeroom teacher's classroom. Indoor PE will be challenging, but we will do our best to get some activity and perhaps focus more on our PE standards that are less active, such as nutrition, importance of empathy and fair play, etc.

Outside is a Priority: We know kids need to move, so getting outside is a priority unless it is unsafe (Thunderstorms/heavy rain, extreme cold, etc). We will try to live by "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing"! Therefore, please ensure that your child is equiped properly for outdoor PE/weather. Grades that have PE in the morning, please be prepared for wet dewey grass; bring extra socks and/or shoes on PE days. Water bottles and hats are recommended for hot days. As it gets colder, please send appropriate warm gear.

PE Days/Schedule: All K-5 students will have PE on the same two days EVERY WEEK for 50 minutes. Check with your child's homeroom teacher or see below to see which days your child has PE. Your child will have PE on either M/Th or T/F. Younger kids have usually switched between specials every day, this is no longer advisable.

          PE Schedule:
Kindergarten: 12:50-1:40
     Monday/Thursday - Tuohy, Rowen
     Tuesday/Friday - Bushman, Braun

1st Grade: 11:05-11:55
     Monday/Thursday - Rice, Kobs
     Tuesday/Friday - Clark, Haag

2nd Grade: 10:10-11:00
     Monday/Thursday - Loney, Brinkman
     Tuesday/Friday - Eisenman, Wolf

3rd Grade: 9:15-10:05
     Monday/Thursday - Thompson, Matejka
     Tuesday/Friday - Anderson

4th Grade: 1:45-2:35
     Monday/Thursday - Sinn, Zars
     Tuesday/Friday - Doschadis, Magnuson/Flaig

5th Grade: 8:20-9:10
     Monday/Thursday - Jarland, Donnay
     Tuesday/Friday - Bade