Recording Reading Minutes

Independent reading is so very important.  Students will be setting monthly individual reading goals, the students will keep track of their reading minutes daily and monthly, and we will chart weekly the total number of minutes our class reads at home.  This data will be collected in our assignment notebooks, and the total number of minutes for the class each week will be posted on the white board.



Accelerated Reading
Accelerated Reading is designed to help students achieve maximum reading growth.  It enables students to engage in large amounts of reading practice at their level.  Last year, we were very impressed at the reading growth of many of our students with this program.  We take the STAR Reading Test once per month to note progress.  The students are tested on a range of 1,400 skills.  The S.S. score reflects where they fall in the range of skills.  We believe a student who scores at a 700 S.S. score or higher will have the capability to pass the MCA III test.