4th and 5th Grade Recorder Information

4th and 5th graders are playing recorders this year.  Recorders are pre-band instruments that help students learn names of notes and how to read music.  We hope that this will help students gain an interest in joining band.
The 5th grade students will begin the year with a recorder unit and we may use them through the year.  The 4th grade will begin their recorder experience in the spring.

We use the" Recorder Karate" method to teach recorders ." Recorder Karate" allows each student to learn to play the recorder at their own pace.  There are 9 possible belts which all correspond with a particular set of notes and song. While much time is spent during class working together on notes and songs, students are encouraged to practice on their own. When they feel that they are ready to earn a "belt," they may play for me before, during class or after school. 

        Recorder Karate Belts     

White Belt- “Hot Cross Buns” (GAB)

Yellow Belt- “Gently Sleep” (GAB)

Orange Belt- “Merrily We Roll Along” (GAB)

Green Belt- “It’s Raining” (EGA)

Purple Belt- “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” (DEGAB)

Blue Belt- “When the Saints Go Marching” (GABC’D’)

Red Belt- “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (DEF#GAB)

Brown Belt- “Amazing Grace (DEGABD)

Black Belt- “Ode to Joy” (DGABC’D’)