Star of the Week

Every student in room 208 is a Star!   All students in our class will have the opportunity to be the Star of the Week.   Star of the Week activities will give our class the opportunity to get to know each child.  During the week, the Star will be responsible for various weekly activities and will be able to do show and tell every day that week. A bag will be sent home with each student before he/she is Star of the Week to put items in and this paper will also be in there to help guide you.

 Activity:  Student fills out Star Bulletin Board.  You can send in pictures if you want to put on the bulletin board too.

Activity: Fill out the questions on the sheet in the star bag and on Friday the class will make a book about you.

 Activity:  Student brings in his/her favorite book to share.

Activity: Please fill the estimation jar with less than 100 of the same object. For example you could put 29 crackers in the jar or you could put 36 Legos in the jar.  Please count these items as you put them in the jar, so you know how many there are, but don’t tell anyone except Mrs. Rice. 

Activity:  Star student gets to choose two friends to have lunch in our room.

Week of:
Sept. 10 - Madalyn

Sept. 17 – Amar’e

Sept. 24 - Christopher

Oct. 1 – Mya

Oct. 8 - Amelia

Nov. 5 – Chanter

Nov. 12 - Duncan

Dec. 17 – Gavin

Jan. 7 – Charlee

Jan. 14 – Chloe

Jan. 21 – Brysen

Jan. 28 - Maggie

Feb. 4 – Ray

Feb. 18 – Ian

Mar. 11 – Charity and Hope

Apr. 22 - Francie

Apr. 29 - Kaden

May 6 – Avery

May 13 - Wyatt

May 20 – Grace