Grading Scale

                A   95% - 100%

A-  90-94%     

B+ 86%-89%  

B   83%-85%  

B-  80%-82%  

C+ 76%-79%   

C   73%-75%   

C-  70%-72%   

D+ 66%-69%  

D   63%-65%  

D-  60%-62%  

     F   BELOW 60% 

                         Grading Policy

I expect students to hand all assignments in on time.  If an assignment is one day late the student the maximum score a student can get is 75 percent.  If the assignment is 2 days late a maximum score of 50 percent can be achieved.  Any assignments that are turned in 3 days or later will receive a 0.  If a student is sick they will have a maximum of two school days to make up any missed work.