Early Childhood Screening

       This screening is designed for children age 3-4 years of age.  Any older children who have not been screened need to be screened before entering school and is mandatory by the State of Minnesota.  This screening is free of charge.  Components of the screening  include: growth measurements, vision, hearing, immunization status, health and nutrition status, speech and developmental assessments, exit interview, and family factors.  The screening will take approximately 90 minutes. The purpose of the screening is to assess the developmental milestones and connect you and your child to early childhood programs, community services, and answer your parenting questions. Please call the elementary school office (507-545-2632 or 1-888-273-0189) to register for the screening. Watch for the Dover-Eyota Eagle for dates of the screening (usually 2 days in November and 2 days in January).