PATT Funds Request Process

PATT assists the Dover Eyota Elementary School, clubs and organization within the school as well as community groups by providing financial support.  Through funding and support for enrichment and academic activities, PATT is able to help create a strong community by promoting family participation and involvement. 
Submission requirements:
1. Completed Application Form
2. Willing to volunteer for future PATT sponsored events
3. Equipment/items purchased with PATT funds must be passed on for the continuing use of the program, organization, or activity.
1. Submit your completed PATT Funds Request Form through the Google Application Form

2. Representatives of the organization, group, or activity may be asked to attend the PATT meeting to present the application and answer questions.

3. Applications will be reviewed by the PATT Committee.

2. Fund requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis at the monthly meeting held on the second Wednesday of every month.  

5. Following the monthly meeting, a member from the PATT Funds Request Committee will reach out to discuss the level of assistance PATT is able to contribute.  

6. If approved the funding awarded by PATT, a check will be written and distributed to the requestor and/or group.  Upon completion of the project, purchase, or activity for which the grant was requested, you must submit a copy of the invoice supporting the monies spent. Please return the invoice to the PATT mailbox at Dover-Eyota Elementary.


For PATT website questions, suggestions, or issues, please contact