Mr. Matejka’s I.D.E.A.L. Classroom

            My I.D.E.A.L. classroom consists of the following five components.


            Instruction (My Teaching) = I hope that by incorporating Responsive Classroom traits into my classroom, my students will become better learners in group settings (Friendship). By incorporating these important character traits in my classroom my students will have the opportunity to be able to self-monitor themselves as well as their groups.


Discipline (What I Teach) = When students are learning/working individually or in groups, I am looking for them to show me that they are learning.  I want to make the activities that my students participate in engaging and worthwhile.  The more exciting and engaging I can make my activities, the easier it will be to observe how each student is learning and participating (Excitement).  Also, by promoting and giving more student choice in the classroom, I will hopefully increase the value the students place on learning. 


Environment (How It Feels In My Classroom) = When working in groups, I want my students to show what they know, sound like they are understanding what is being learned, and also have a good feeling when working together.  Also, when working together, I want each student to feel valued (Respect), to have a say in what is going on, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on a particular concept.


Assessment (How I Measure Student Learning) = I strive to have my students participate in many different assessments.  I believe that by giving them a choice of assessments (Empowerment) or by letting them choose the assessment it will increase student achievement.  To see if the students are understanding the concepts that I have been teaching, I will need to provide them with different opportunities and choices to give them the best chance to show you what they know.  


Leadership (How I Will Better Myself/Colleagues) = In my school, I will try to be a person that someone can come to with questions.  I will attend seminars and read literature that will enhance my understanding toward education.  In my classroom, I will make sure that I have everything that is needed to have a fully functional and successful classroom. 



 Vision Statement (FREE)

Friendship, Respect, Excitement, and Empowerment


Mission Statement

            As a teacher, I will show kindness and respect to all students.  I will strive to have all students feel valued, welcome, and safe in our classroom community.  I will teach my students something beneficial each day that will last them a lifetime.  Friendship, Respect, Excitement, and Empowerment (FREE) will be the core values of our classroom community.




Vision Graphic Explanation/Meaning


            The four concepts that I want to have happen in my classroom are put in a circle: Friendship, Respect, Excitement, and Empowerment.  The reason for this is that a complete circle means whole or one, and one is what I am trying to achieve in my classroom.  I want my students to have the feeling of being one whole family.  Everyone in this classroom can be relied on and asked for help.

            The four words that are in the shape of a circle spell out the main ideas of my classroom when you put the first letter of each word in order starting with friendship (Friendship, Respect, Excitement, Empowerment = FREE).  FREE is how I want students to feel.  I want them to feel like they can do anything, say anything, and be anything.  The only way that they will be able to achieve those feelings is to have the feeling of being FREE!