Mrs. Braun’s Kindergarten



8:00 Children begin arriving in our classroom: 

talk with the teacher/folders/begin journal/drinks/bathroom/attendance/lunch count 


8:15 Opening:  Mrs. Braun’s Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance, News and Announcements, Greeting, Sharing


8:30 Math Centers and Quick Math with Mrs. Rowen's Class:

 9:30 Math Centers and Quick Math with Mrs. Braun's Class


10:15  Finish Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting & Calendar

(Fridays we have Show and Tell {or the last day of the school week})


10:25 Prepare for lunch: Bathroom Break, Then Lunch (be at lunch by 10:35)    

Recess  11:00-11:30


11:30 Drinks/Quiet Time/Bathroom Breaks/Assessment Time (math intervention time and assessment time with reading intervention) 


12:00 Finish a.m. work, Storytime

12:15 Reading Target Time


12:55-1:45 Specialists' Time: Music/Monday, P.E./Tuesday & Friday, Thursday/Media, and alternating on Wednesdays from 1:05-1:45


1:45 Snack/Milk Break

2:10 Pack for Folders, Finish Journal, then Free Choice Playtime


2:30 Wrap up our day/Bathroom/Drinks/Pack for Home


2:40 Line up to go out to the buses )

 (Mrs. Braun or her substitute will accompany all students to
  their bus or their designated meeting spot for getting home.)


3:00 Buses Leave