Discipline Policy

Self-discipline is our goal for all fifth grade students.  We want students to develop responsibility for themselves and their own actions.  If a student infringes upon the rights of others, there must be fair and consistent consequences for that action.  We strive to teach self-discipline by reasoning, discussing alternative behavior, and attempting to deal with each problem in a fair and consistent manner.  We realize that everyone makes mistakes, but our goal is to help students learn from their mistakes so they are less likely to repeat them.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students to be contributing members of a society, which uses a democratic process.  Students were actively involved in determining classroom rules, which are based on four Compelling State Interests.  It is hoped that students who leave our school will possess academic and social skills that will begin to prepare them to function as responsible citizens.

Four Compelling State Interests

*Act in a safe and healthy way

*Treat all property with respect

*Respect the rights and needs of others

*Take responsibilty for learning

Students were involved in determining possible consequences if the rules are broken.  These consequences have an educational aim.  They are:

Inappropriate Behavior  (Recorded on a daily basis)

1st time   Verbal Reminder

2nd time  Complete a Fix It Plan Form / Miss Recess

3rd time   Student will call parent on the phone/Miss Recess

Incomplete Assignments  (Recorded on a weekly basis)

1st time     Verbal reminder & student finishes

2nd time     In at noon, student finishes, & complete a Fix It Plan Form

3rd time      In at noon, student calls parent, & revisits their Fix It Plan Form

4th time      In at noon, student calls parent, sets up conference, & stays after school