Greetings!  I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in my 32nd year here with Dover-Eyota Schools and continue to be energized by working with youth.  While I wear many hats here in the district, my main job is mental health counseling for students in grades 6 through 9, although I work with senior high students as well.  I am able to help students with many different life stresses like friendship issues, academic problems, family problems, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, chemical use/abuse and suicidal thoughts to name a few.  I can facilitate services to outside agencies for additional support when needed or desired.  

I am also the adviser to the High School Peer Helper group and the High School Yearbook.  These youth groups are a driving force for several activities that take place within our building and community.  I love my job and I love working with youth!  Each day is a new day, each day brings new challenges and new beginnings.