Kindergarten Supplies
to be purchased before the 1st day of Kindergarten:
Please purchase the brands we have requested when possible. After many years of teaching this age of students we know which brands work the best, last the longest, and are easiest for the children to use. You will find school supplies to be on sale mid-July and early August.
(4) boxes of 24-count Crayola brand crayons – NOT WASHABLE (colors are not the same)
(1) box of 10 Crayola Classic color wide markers (regular - not washable) washable are much more expensive
(1) box 10 Crayola Classic color fine line markers (regular - not washable) washable are much more 
(2) 4-oz. bottles of Elmer’s brand white school glue
(1) package of plain pencils (approximately a dozen), sharpened without fancy erasers or attachments
(2) small or large glue sticks
(4) plastic or laminated cardboard folders with bottom pockets (solid color thin cardboard ones DO NOT LAST more than a week or two). Most children enjoy having 4 different folders rather than 4 exactly the same.
(1) large container of disinfecting surface wipes (35 or more)
Boys please bring:
(1) extra large package of napkins (250 count or more) – WE MAY ASK FOR ANOTHER PACKAGE IN JANUARY. We can’t store them all now.
(1) 12 oz. or larger bottle of hand sanitizer - any brand - please check the expiration date.

Girls please bring:
(1) large box of tissues (approximately 150 count or more per box) - WE MAY ASK FOR ANOTHER BOX IN JANUARY. We can’t store them all now.
(1) box of ziplock bags (quart, gallon, or 2 gallon). Generic or store brand are fine.
$10 will be collected at the start of the school year to help pay for additional teacher selected supplies
and to help with expenses for the three holiday parties.
*** Please do not label any of the suppliesWe will give you specific labeling instructions on the first day of school. You may bring supplies to the Open House in September or the 1st day of school. Just a reminder that the first day of kindergarten is a half-day of school for Kindergartners and their parent(s).
Other items your child will need:
*Large backpack, without wheels, with 2 shoulder straps that your child is able to open and close themselves
*Tennis shoes – Children will need to wear tennis shoes with closed heals and toes every day to school. For safety purposes, we do not allow sandals or Crocs to be worn during the school day.
*****Please do not have your child wear TIE shoes unless they can
                   successfully and QUICKLY tie their shoes tight and keep them tied.*****
*Large towel or beach towel for rest time – please do not send any type of blankets as we only have room for towels. The towels are sent home periodically for washing.