Grades will be based on a combination of homework, projects, and tests.  Homework assignments will receive a score of 0-4 points.  85%-100% equals 4 points.  75%-84% equals 3 points.  65%-74% equals 2 points.  55%-64% equals 1 point.  Scores less than 54% will receive a zero.  All tests and projects will be graded out of 100 points.  Your percent correct equals your points. This makes grades more reflective of what students have learned, and allows them to make some mistakes on their homework.

     Late assignments happen.  When a student misses school they will be given 1 day for each day they were absent to complete late assignments, up to 3 days maximum without penalty.  If students forget, loose, or just don't complete their assignments then they will receive a 50% reduction in their score.  Any project or assignment more than 1 week late will receive a zero.  All assignments are considered complete when they are turned in.  


Grading Scale

94%-100% A

92%-93% A-

90%-91% B+

84%-89% B

82%-83% B-

80%-81% C+

74%-79% C

72%-73% C-

70%-71% D+

64%-69% D

62%-63% D-