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    We will be using the Scott Foresman Reading series this year.  Each Unit is divided into 5 stories.  Each story has a spelling list, grammar skill, comprehension skill, and vocabulary list that will be tested.  The weekly story and vocabulary tests will be on Friday.  These are worth a total of 100 points.  The Grammar and spelling tests will be on Fridays.  The Grammar tests range from 10 -30 questions depending on the skill.  The spelling tests are 20 words plus 5 challenge words.  The students can receive 1 bonus point for getting all five challenge words correct.  This means it is possible to earn 105% on a spelling test.  You will find links to the vocabulary lists and spelling lists on this site under the spelling and vocabulary keys.  The Spelling and Vocabulary link on this page will also take you to a site where you can practice and learn the words for each week. 
     Additionally, we will be reading many literature books together in literature circles this year.  Your child's book club will meet 2 or more times times a week.  They will be expected to complete the assigned reading and a short assignment before coming to their book club meeting.  This is considered homework and will be graded accordingly.  Each book read in these small groups is an AR book and will help your student meet their goal.  These will be in addition to the Scott Foresman stories. 
     Part of our reading program is accelerated reader or AR.  Students will be expected to read independently to meet their AR goals each quarter.  They are expected to reach 100% of their point goal and have an average comprehension score of 85% or above.  Students who read beyond their point goal can earn extra credit.  Extra credit is only awarded if all other work is complete and their comprehension average remains above 85%.  They can earn 1 point for every 10% they are above their reading goal.  No more than 5 points per quarter.