Accelerated Reader
You can take AR tests at this site.

AR Bookfinder
This will help you know if a book has an AR quiz for it.

Time For Kids
This site gives informative, age-appropriate, current events. There are also fun games and polls to be a part of.

55 Critical Words Practice
Here you can practice our 55 Critical Words using interactive games.

Spelling and Vocabulary Practice
Practice this week's spelling and vocabulary words by scrolling down and choosing the correct story.

Egypt Study: Plan your Afterlife
This website details more about ancient Egypt and how they planned for their afterlife. 

Cartouche Creation
Create a cartouche of your name with this website.

Mummy Maker
Go back in time to create a Mummy!


Math Text Book
Here is our current math text book. You will need to choose - Making Connections Foundations for Algebra - to view 6th grade material.

Function Machine
Here is another math site.
Math, math, math!

Lesson 4.2.2 Histogram Tech Tool

8.3.2 Angle Sum Theorem
Use this with math lesson 8.3.2

Math Games
Choose what you want to work on. 

  Minnesota History

MN History
This can also be used for your board game.

Roster of MN First Regiment

Sioux Myths and Legends
Use this to help retell the myth of legend your group chooses.

Myths and Legends of the Sioux
Use this link to help your group retell a Sioux legend.

Lakota Legends
Use this site to help your group retell a Lakota legend.

Voyageur Vocabulary
Practice here


Keyboard Practice
Learn the home row keys and how not to hunt and peck. 

Keyboard Timed Test
Here you can find 1, 2 and 5 minute timed tests to make you faster. Challenge me?


Spelling City
Choose the correct word list.

Analogy Practice
Choose games, practice, enrichment etc. 

Maniac Magee Vocab. Practice

  Kindness Retreat

Kindness Retreat Survey
Click here to take the Kindness Retreat Survey