Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Courage Retreat?
In August, your child will come together with his or her classmates for a day long, 5 hours, Courage Retreat put on by Youth Frontiers Inc. from Minneapolis. Youth Frontiers Inc. works with students in grades 4 through 12, providing retreats on important values such as respect, courage, integrity and kindness. Our guest speakers will mix group interactive games and small group discussions and topic-based talks on bullying and how to stand up for others. It is the goal of this retreat to help create a sense of empathy among students which in turn helps create an atmosphere of non-violence in our school.

When is the 7th & 8th Grade Open House?
Parents of 7th graders will receive information in August in regards to the 7th Grade Courage Retreat that takes place the week prior to the start of school.  This is an entire day set aside for just the 7th graders to come to the school and participate in the retreat, go through a mock schedule/school day and receive their schedules.  

8-12 Open House takes place on an evening within the first couple days of school starting.    

All of these dates will be posted on the main page of the school website once the dates have been determined.

What are the building hours?
The school office is open to students/parents beginning at 7:00 AM each morning and closes at 4:00 PM each afternoon. Direct supervision of the hallways begins at 7:35 AM each day and ends at 3:15 PM each afternoon.

Do we have daily announcements available to parents?
Daily announcements are available to students, parents and community members on the high school and middle web pages. Look for “Middle School Daily Announcements” button on the main district page and Middle School webpage. Many DE parents have found the Middle School daily announcements very helpful.

What time does school begin and end?
The school day begins at 8:15am, the school day ends at 3:07pm.

What is Advisory?
At Dover-Eyota Middle School, we work hard to create safe and caring classrooms where every child can be successful. To help us be consistent in our approach to establishing such learning environments, we began using an Advisory Time at the beginning of each day. One of the underlying beliefs of this program is that academic learning happens best within a positive social context; therefore, much attention is paid to helping students develop positive social skills, cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. The advisory teacher will also work with students regarding academic goal setting and periodic grade checks. Components include Community Day, Eagle Skills Day, Homework Hotline, Stop, Drop and Read, Service Projects and Activity Day.

What is the Block Schedule?
Grades 7-12 students follow the block schedule at DE. The block schedule consists of 4 -88 minute “periods” during the day. Therefore most classes only last one semester in length, your child then may have a completely different schedule second semester.
Some classes may only last 44 minutes, we refer to these classes as “skinnys”. An example of 2 “skinnys” would be band and study hall.

What type of subject areas will my child be exposed to?
Core Classes
English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Physical Education and Social Studies

During second block students may have Band, Choir, General Music or Ag Science, but will not be able to take all 4 classes.

Industrial Tech., Life Skills, Art, and Computer Tech

8th graders have both PE and Health Education.

What if my student is absent from school?
If a student is unexpectedly absent from school, the parent or guardian is asked to call the high school office as soon as possible in the morning on the day of the absence. The phone number is 545-2631 or 866-847-9863 from Dover. If a phone call is received, a note is not necessary.

Where should I drop-off/pickup my child at school?
Please use the High School Main Entrance (East Side of HS, by the flags) at all times when dropping off students. This avoids interfering with the bus pickup and drop off on the west side, creating a safer environment.

What if my student is late to school?
Any student who has been absent for any part of the day is required to report to the principal's office upon returning to school to acquire an admit slip. The student will then show the slip to all teachers.

What if my child needs to leave early for an appointment?
If a student has been in school any part of the day but plans to be absent from school later, the school must be notified by the parent prior to the time the student leaves. The student must acquire a Permit to Leave the Building pass from the principal’s office before leaving the school building.

When are late starts and early dismissals?
Our current academic calendar is posted on the district’s web page,, click on “District”, then “academic calendar”.

Where can I find information about school supplies?
Supply lists are found on the front page of the school district website. After school starts, they can be found on the Middle School webpage area on the district web site.

Are there opportunities to volunteer at the Middle School?
Volunteers are eagerly welcomed in our school. Talk to your child’s teacher about specific needs but some of the ways you could be helpful would be to volunteer to:
P.T.O. Volunteers Room Parent
Read in Classrooms Help with Middle School Activity Nights
Help with Book Fairs Help at Track & Field Day in May
Art Room Project preparation Bulletin Boards

Please sign the volunteer notebook (in the main office) each time you come to school to volunteer. You may be asked to wear a visitor pass while in the building

How do I put money into my child’s lunch account?
Dover-Eyota Public Schools use a computerized pre-paid meal accounting system. A payment into the student’s lunch account is necessary prior to or on the first day of school.

Prior to the first day of school, meal payments may be mailed or delivered to:
D-E District Office, Food & Nutrition Department
615 South Avenue SW, Eyota, MN 55934.

Payments will also be accepted at the Elementary and High School Open House.

Checks should be written out to D-E Food and Nutrition. Please write your student’s first and last name on the bottom of your check. You may write one check for multiple students as long as all students are in the same building. If you have students at both buildings, please submit a separate check for each building. Please place the check in an envelope marked LUNCH PAYMENT. After the first day of school, payments can be sent to school with your students.

Submit a prepayment of $200.00 or more per student account and each account will receive a $10.00 bonus. The bonus money will be added directly to your student’s lunch account and may be used to purchase meals or ala carte items. Don’t miss out!

Be sure to check out Option #3 of the payment options.
Parents love the convenience of the Automatic Prepayment Plan and it is free! Online Payment Solution provides parents with a safe and convenient way to prepay for students’ school meals online. alleviates lost and forgotten lunch money, and the issues associated with students carrying cash to school. PayPams charges a $1.95 service fee for each per student transaction. For more information, log onto

The Dover-Eyota School District has a no charging policy: students must have money in their account to receive a meal.
Secondary students (Grades 6-12) are given a verbal warning when their account is $5.00 or less.

What if my student’s account balance falls below zero? K-12 students will not be allowed to purchase a lunch or ala carte items, but will be offered a sandwich and a carton of milk.

If my child is struggling academically, do you have an after school program?
An after school program takes place in the Media Center Monday-Thursday from 3:15-4:15 PM each day. The program is utilized by students attending at their own discretion as well as students who are referred by a classroom teacher or parent. It offers an environment in which the student can complete work as well as get additional help with homework.

What sports are available to Dover-Eyota students beginning in 7th grade?





Girls’ Soccer

Boys’ Soccer


Boys’ Basketball        

Girls’ Basketball


Dance Team               
Hockey -a cooperative agreement with Roch. Lourdes in Boys and Girls Hockey







What co-curricular activities are offered beginning in 7th grade?

Academic Triathlon

Chamber Choir

Clay Target

Close Up



Future Cities                           

Girls Who Code

Knowledge Bowl

Math League

Math Wizards

Model United Nations

Minnesota Honor Society


Pep/Jazz/Marching Bands

Peer Helpers


Spanish Club

Student Council

Teens as Leaders