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Lifting Recording Sheet
Athletes need to record the weight they lift and the number of reps they do at that weight so they can break a record every time they lift.
The Science and Safety of Strength Training
Myths and Misconceptions in Strength and Condioning
Numerous myths and misconceptions exist in the field of strength and conditioning. These myths and misconceptions are especially apparent at the high school level, where most coaches are inadequately educated about proper strength and conditioning. These coaches are often quick to jump on the latest exercise fad and many copy the strength program of whichever team in their sport has recently experienced success. While this may sound logical, some of the most successful sport teams succeed not because of their strength training program, but in spite of it. When designing a strength and conditioning program, many coaches mistakenly adhere to the testimonials of coaches and athletes over scientific research. With everyone claiming to have the magic formula, it can be difficult for an individual to separate fact from fiction. This chapter examines a few of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding strength and conditioning at the high school level.

Reprinted with permission
Carlson, Ryan. "Myths and Misconceptions in Strength and Conditioning." Strength and Conditioning Coach Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, Minnesota
HIT Lower Body (DRAFT)
This a draft outline for a HIT Lower Body video.