All About Look At Me I'm 3

Look At Me I'M 3 is a class designated for 3 year olds.  Your child must be 3 by September 1st in order to enroll your child.  We have 2 classes for 3 year olds and both class are offered on Wednesday and Friday from 8:00-11:00.  You will need to provide your own transportation.

You as a parent would drop your child off and allow your child to socialize and grow through playing with classmates.  During this class your child will participate in learning through freeplay, calendar time, art projects, center time (which allows for one-to-one small group work), snack time, followed by gym and/or outside time. 

Preschool is a wonderful stepping stone in your child's education experience.  Having your child involved in a safe and fun preschool and have a huge impact on your child's future education experience. 

We are excited and pleased to learn with your children!!



Mrs. Schlueter's Look at Me I'm 3 Class Schedule

8:00 Arrival to classroom by parent drop-off

8:05 Free choice in the room

8:45 Clean up

8:50 Large Motor 

9:30 Clean up

9:35 Morning meeting, Calendar Time 

9:45 Story Time

9:50 Bathroom/Snack 

10:00 Art Project

10:35 Outside or Gym

11:00 Dismissal