Dover-Eyota School Age Child Care Program 
Eagle’s Nest (S.A.C.C.)



updated 11.23.2020

(CWCC) Critical Worker Child Care Information 

Updated by Minnesota Department of Education on 11/5/20

“The school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, as all of the parents or legal guardians in the child’s household are Tier I critical workers. If it is a two-parent household and one is not a critical worker, a school is not required to provide free school-age care to the family, but the school could choose to provide the care, if they have the capacity to do so while ensuring health and safety requirements can still be met. School districts and charter schools may also encourage parents or legal guardians of Eligible Children to not utilize the school-age care program if they have the ability to work from home"

Child Care Spots

At this time, there are 26 spots for child care (2 rooms/pods), due to limited available staffing.  The district does not anticipate additional child care spots being added.  Spots will be filled first come, first serve to qualifying families.  Districts must offer care to ONLY or BOTH parents/legal guardians who are Tier 1 workers first, then may offer to other families depending on availability staffing and capacity.  Once care spots are filled, families will be placed on a waiting list. 

To Qualify for Care

         1.  Child (ren) must be currently attending Dover-Eyota Schools in grades: Kindergarten - Age 12
         2.  BOTH parents/legal guardians must be Tier 1 Critical Workers. This list is different from the spring. 
               Verification will be required; the district will be contacting employers for verification. 
         3.  BOTH parents/legal guardians are not able working from home. 

Tier I industries have changed since last spring for critical workers.  Please carefully look at the job areas below; jobs must be in one of these categories to qualify for CWCC.    

--If a job is not listed on the MDE critical worker list, the district will send the state an email to verify if the job qualifies or not.   Emails are sent to:  MN_MDE_Distance Learning   

· Healthcare and public health
· Law enforcement, public safety and first responders
· Food and agriculture
· Judicial Branch (essential services)
· National Guard (activated under a Governor Executive Order)
· Educators in pre-K through grade 12 settings
· School staff providing instruction or caring for children of critical workers
· Child care and school-age care providers  
Full list of jobs can be found in this document.  See pages 118-121 in the link below.

Registration Process:  Spots will be filled first come, first serve to qualifying families

Registration Dates


Submit by:
8 am on Tuesday, Nov. 24

Registration due for current SACC and CWCC families who qualify



Current SACC or CWCC Families

  • Families who have been using SACC and CWCC this Fall AND who meet the below qualifications will be offered the child care spots first. 
  • Families must respond by 8 am on Tuesday, Nov. 24.  We ask that families respond to email and complete the brief google form update to ensure spot (s) by this time.   These families will receive a separate link.   
  • Families who have used SACC or CWCC and do not meet all the qualification. 
    • If any spots are still available.  The program will go back to families who used SACC and CWCC this fall and take any families who have one parent who is a Tier 1 worker. 

Submit by:
Noon on Tuesday, Nov. 24


New Families

All registrations due for families who meet the qualifications.

Fill out registration and submit BOTH FORMS below.  Further details will be emailed to families. 



By 6 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 24


Families will receive an email if their child (ren) are confirmed in CWCC program or have been placed on a waiting list. 

Program Operation

As of now, Dates: 
  • M-F, November 30 – Dec. 22, 2020 AND Jan. 4-15, 2021 (dates school is in session according to the district calendar) 
  • Closed:  Dec. 23 – Jan. 1, 2020
  • NO child care on inclement weather days or other emergencies. 
  • Hours:  7:30 am to 5 pm
  • Fees: 
    o 7:30-3 pm no cost for Tier 1 workers (BOTH parents/legal guardians are Tier 1 workers)
    o PM Care.  3-5 pm.  At a rate of $10 per day/$50 per week.  Must pay for M-F spots to have care option. 
  • Important to create a backup plan in case of program closure.  Due to inclement weather, COVID positive student or staff, not enough staff, other unforeseen emergencies, etc. 
  • DL During Care:  efforts will be made to assist parents/guardians with Distance Learning for students
  • Lunch:  students must bring a lunch from home. 

Please email questions to

Questions or Waiting List Information? Email: