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Page 1
Visit to DC makes history & politics alive to students
Page 2
2013-2014 DEHS Academic Awards
Notice of Pest Control Applications
School Contact Numbers
Page 3
Superintendent's Corner - Will DMC Impact Dover-Eyota?
Elementary Principal's Corner - Wednesday Morning Late Starts
Page 4
PATT fundraisers offered kids a chance to go shopping at school
Page 5
Addition to 4th Quarter HS AA Honor Roll
DE Fifth Grade Musical Presentation
Fall Rochester Youth Soccer registration
DMC Presentation
Page 6
Poppy posters express patriotism
MN Immunization Information
TALK IT UP photos have messages
Page 7
Fifth grade girls' basketball won in MYAS tourneys
Activities Calendar
Under Construction - raised gardening beds for all ages
Bookmobile schedule
Prairie Fire Children's Theatre Presents "Pinocchio"
Page 8
2014 DE Boys' & Girls' Basketball Alumni Tourney Results
Page 9
Eyota Farmers Market
Flag Day
Gopher Count
Senior Dining at Arbor Gardens
Page 10
Church Directory
Pastors' Column
Page 11
City of Eyota Segment
Eyota Days Vendors's Market
Job Openings
Page 12
Community Education