1st Grade Essential Skills for Math

By the end of first grade, I will . . . 
*Add numbers to 10
*Read, write and draw numbers up to 120
*Create simple patterns and their rules
*Use strategies to add and subtract in word problems
*Identify pennies, nickels, and dimes and count coins up to one dollar
*Create and analyze bar graphs and tally charts
*Draw squares, sticks, and circles to show numbers between 10 and 100 in groups of tens and ones





1st Grade Essential Skills For Reading

By the end of first grade I will . . .

Concepts of Print:

*Alphabetize four words to the second letter

Phonemic Awareness:

*Sort words with short and long vowel sounds when I read them

*Name the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words when I hear them

*Say each of the sounds in short words

Reading Phonics/Decoding:

*Blend to read words correctly with consonant digraphs and consonant blends both at the beginning and ends of words

*Sound out and read short vowel words and long vowel words correctly

*Read and count the number of syllables in first grade words

*Read two syllable words

*Read words with endings

*Read grade level sight words and high frequency words

*Read and understand grade level material

*Read quickly, smoothly, and accurately while reading with expression

Reading Literature Text

*Answer questions to show I understand a story

*Retell stories in sequence and explain their main message

*Understand feelings from the text and pictures

*Use the pictures and text to tell about the characters, the setting, the events, and details of a story

Reading Informational Text

*Answer questions to show I understand details in informational text

*Find the main idea in informational text