*The 2023 application will be opening in February, 2023.

A few years ago we made a major change in our local application procedures.  Instead of a paper application we have changed to an online application.  There are three things that must be in place before you will be considered for a scholarship.
                  1.  You must be on schedule to graduate from DEHS with your class at the end of this school year.
           2.  You have to apply and have been accepted to a post-secondary school.
        3.  You must fill out a local scholarship application online.

To fill out a local scholarship application please click on the link provided below.

You are now on the Dover-Eyota Dollars For Scholars website.  You will see a gray menu bar above the picture of our 2017 Valedictorians and Salutatorian. Click on the “Students & Parents” tab.
Read the instructions and then click on the large red button at the bottom of the page.
Read the information provided. To set up an account, click on the “click here” at the end of the text. Read the instructions for filling out the basic information. Make sure you fill out all the double star (**) items. You will then receive an email with instructions for setting up your account.  Once you have set up an account you can use the “Student Login” box to access your profile. You are now ready to start filling out the application.
Once you get into the application you will see the different fields that need to be filled out listed on the left side of the page. In each of these fields you must complete all the double starred (**) items in order to submit the form and you must complete all of the single starred (*) items to move your progress toward 100%. All other items are helpful in matching to scholarships, but they are optional. This information is reasonably easy to figure out but if you need help or have any questions contact Mr. McRae and he will help you.
Special instructions for the following fields:

Documents: You must upload an acceptance letter (or other official document) from your college to verify that you have applied and been accepted. If you have a paper copy and need help with getting an electronic copy of this document, see Mrs. Welch in the office and she can help you.

Financial Info: You do not need to submit financial information to apply for a local Dollars For Scholars scholarship. If you want to be considered for any national scholarships that do require this type of information then you will need to submit it.

Essays: The goals and aspirations essay does not need to be completed. The unusual circumstances essay can be filled out but it is not necessary.

References /Transcripts: If you are going to list someone as a reference you must contact them and find out whether they are willing to submit a recommendation for you before you list them on this field.

**Additional Question: Your profile may say "100% complete" when you complete your "My Information" profile.  There is one last question you need to complete!  Go to the "My Scholarships" tab which is located under the "My Information" tab.  You must answer the additional question located at the top of the page.